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Know these while taking a new internet connection.

Are you planning to get a new internet connection? It is important for you to know these things. Which type of connection would be suited for you, what connection speed will be required, how to identify the best provider etc.. What is the internet? The internet, often wrongly called as the web

What is a VPN Connection? How to connect your offices?

If you are a business owner having multiple branch offices and want to connect them over a network using a Virtual Private Network then this article is for you. Know more about VPN connection here. To understand why you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you have to understand the difference

How is bandwidth calculated? Know what speed is good for you.

Do you know how much data are consuming per day? Identify your monthly usage and choose your plan accordingly. Know about the fair usage policy and the restrictions beyond that. Bandwidth and speed: What do they mean? Are they the same or do they mean different things? Internet providers use these

Multiple devices at home? Use wifi modem.

Handling multiple mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart-tv of all the members of the family would require a good wi-fi connection to experience the internet seemlessly. Are you using a wi-fi modem? Multiple devices at home. Use WiFi Modem. Wired internet connections have their limitations based on usage as well as the type